Types Of Telco Products

Telco or Telecommunications is defined as transmission of information using a line of communication such as telephones. The information is carried out by either text, voice, images and even video using a product or tool that will make it work such as fax machine. These products that enables classified telecommunications is a telco product.

When Alexander Graham Bell Invented the telephone in 1876, it also changed the telecommunications industry drastically paving the way of creating new products that will cater businesses and personal use alike. Telco products and there usage is listed below.

Portable, wireless and smaller this is how our telephones look like today, compared to when it was first invented. Answering machines can also be attached to your phone where your family, friends, clients and customer can easily leave you messages when you are not able to answer their call. The price of the answering machine today has significantly dropped due to the advancement of technology but a few year back it was very popular. For small companies who caters a lot of calls from clients, the multi-line telephone is being used and it has become very affordable.

The fax machine is another innovation created by the telco, this innovation copy any text of images on a piece of paper and then transfer it to another fax machine no matter where they located in the world via the Call Center Dubai phone lines. Much like the answering machine and other telecommunications devices, because of the advancement the price and the size of the equipment has become smaller and cheaper. Same with the answering machine, the fax machine has also become cheaper and smaller in sizes as there are a lot of new innovations and devices that can cater the transfer of information easily. The phone, printer, fax and copy machine combination is now a growing number in every household all over the world.

If you are looking for telco product that can cater all your business needs, then you might want to consider having the voice/data line sharing device. This allows you to switch ports to run your IP PBX System, modems, fax machines, answering machine, security monitoring, climate control, credit card terminals and even poll cash register without the need of a separate line for each device.

The walkie-talkie or two-way radio also falls into the category of a telco product. Same as the other products mentioned above, this product has also dropped its price as the technology advances and expands. This two-way radio can communicate each other up to 6 miles but it highly depends on the terrain and area. This two-way radio can work very well with a larger unit tuned in to the same frequency after they are being synchronized.